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Having a decade of experience in self-tan and evolving into an industry-leading self tan brand worldwide, Bondi Sands are well-versed in the art of the self-tan experience. Our range of tanning products encompasses an array of shades, from gradual to ultra dark, and a variety of formulations and formats, ranging from our classic self tanning foam to our innovative Aero aerated formula, in addition to our foams, we also offer an array of self tanning oils, lotions and mists. At Bondi Sands, we pride ourselves on offering a range of options to cater to every tanning preference.

With innovation at the forefront of all that we do, our latest launch was no exception! Wanting to create a customised, tailored tanning experience for every skin tone, we created four self tanning products that provide results as unique as you are. Enter…Technocolor 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam! With four shades uniquely created for every skin tone to provide your most optimal tanning results, this range includes our Technocolor Caramel 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam which has been formulated for deep skin tones looking to achieve a warm, golden toned glow. To determine if this product is right for your skin tone, head over to our Shade Finder Quiz to find out.

Why is it Important to Find the Right Tanning Foam for your Skin Tone?

Not all skin types should be treated the same. Technocolor isn’t a blanket approach to self tanning, where each shade has been clinically curated through cutting-edge research to go beyond the surface of your skin to create the perfect tan. We conducted a world-first clinical skin trial to understand how DHA (a common self tanning active ingredient) affects varying skin tones to determine their most natural results. What we found was that each skin tone required a tailored formula that worked best for their unique skin tone, leaving them with natural, glowing skin results, maintained hydration and increased longevity of colour. 

For those with deeper skin tones, colour development is lower than compared with fairer skin tones, it’s more about enhancing your natural skin tone to provide warmth and sheen, rather than deepening in colour. Through our extensive research and development, we found that those with naturally deep skin tones tend to experience increased dehydration, and increased DHA (active tanning ingredients) has a tendency to dry out skin. Through this research, we concluded that those with deeper skin tones can achieve warmth and sheen from low level DHA and colour enhancers, and require additive hydration for skin nourishment.

Bondi Sands Self Tanners for Deep Skin

If you’re looking for the best product for deep toned skin, you can't go past Technocolour Caramel 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam. Using DermachromaticTM Colour Technology, Technocolor Caramel is formulated with low-level tanning active ingredients and electrolyte hydration, perfect for deep skin tones looking to achieve a warm, golden toned glow. Featuring a yellow-golden colour guide to help provide hydration and warmth to the skin, Technocolor Caramel is available in a 1 Hour Express Foam format and can be washed off after one hour of wear for enhanced, natural skin results.

Why are we so confident that this is the perfect self tan for different skin tones including deep skin? Well, Technocolor has been carefully curated through cutting-edge research, development, and laser skin analysis technology, to deliver results that are perfectly matched to every skin tone. We’ve tested on thousands of participants to determine the most natural results based on skin function and its ability to process DHA whilst maintaining hydration and longevity of colour for the perfect tan every time.

If you’re new to tanning, or just want a step-by-step guide on how to apply Technocolor 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam, discover our how-to guide here or the video below, and if you’re still not sure about your best-suited shade trial all 4 shades with our Technocolor Trial Bundle.

“As I have darker skin, it makes it look flawlessly natural.” - Sadie (Caramel)

Tanning Methods for Deep Skin

While our Technocolor Range has specifically been developed for different skin tones to provide the most optimal, enhanced results, Bondi Sands has a range of existing Self Tan products that are also suitable for deep skin. As we aren’t looking to increase colour tone, rather to enhance, our gradual tanning lotions or Liquid Gold Self Tanning range might be the option for you to achieve warmth, hydration and sheen. Ultimately, the best self-tanner for deep skin tones will depend on personal preference, but choosing a product that is formulated specifically for deeper skin tones and easy to apply will help ensure a natural-looking, flawless result. 

Tanning Oils for Deep Skin

Ultimately, the best self-tanner for deep skin is one that suits your individual preferences and produces a natural-looking, streak-free tan. Though it does have higher levels of active tanning ingredients, our Liquid Gold Range will produce a golden tone and help to even out the complexion of the skin, whilst also being enriched with Argan Oil for additional skin nourishment. For a quicker result try our best-selling Liquid Gold Self Tanning Oil, or for a gradual build up, the Liquid Gold Everyday Gradual Self Tanning Oil. 

If Technocolor Caramel is your best suited tan you might also like our Pure Self Tan Foaming Waterin the Light/Medium shade, with no guide colour, fragrance or wash off required. This product contains low level tanning actives and hyaluronic acid for increased hydration, so will produce a golden glow and help to even skin tone for those with a darker skin tone.

Find the Perfect Shade for Your Skin Tone

To read more about choosing the perfect self tan shade for your skin tone, check out our blog here. To find out more about the Technocolor Self Tan Range, discover the Technoverse, or take our Shade Finder Quiz.

Self Tanner for Pale Skin Tones

Other shades in our Technocolor range, Technocolour Sapphire and Emerald 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foams have been formulated for those with fairer & medium skin tones. You can read more about finding the perfect shade for Pale Skin Tones here.

Self Tanner for Olive Skin Tones

Technocolor Magenta has been formulated with high-level tanning active ingredients and electrolyte hydration, perfect for olive to deep skin tones looking to achieve a rich, deep toned tan. Featuring a red-violet colour guide to counteract the development of cool tones. You can read more about finding the perfect shade for Olive Skin Tones here.

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Discover our diverse collection of self-tanning products designed to cater to various preferences and skin types, including lotions, foams, and mists. With a range of shades available, you can effortlessly attain a flawless, authentic-looking tan that complements your skin tone. Seize the opportunity to attain a stunning, luminous glow by exploring the Bondi Sands self-tanning range.

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