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Overseas holidays are back in full swing, but understandably some of us are a little rusty regarding travel preparedness. Lucky for you we’re here to refresh our Babes on how to make sure you're glowing all vay-cay long!

Guide For Glowing Skin on Your Holiday.

Should I Take Self Tan on My Holiday?

Whatever the climate, a bronzed body will shine through whether you're hitting the beach or the ski slopes. Keep reading our tips below for which Self Tan you should take.

Can I Pack Self Tan in My Carry-on Luggage?

If you’re flying by aeroplane remember to check the liquid requirements for carry-on luggage, lest your Bondi Sands be confiscated! It will be safe in your checked bags though.

What Have I Forgotten to Pack?

While a glow is always in, sun damage is not. Remember that your Bondi Sands Self Tan won’t protect you from the sun's rays (no matter how bronzed your skin looks). SPF is always your BFF, especially if you escape the cold to sunnier climates. However, remember that UV can be harmful in cooler temperatures, even if your destination is Antarctica, make sure you’re packing sunscreen.


What Accessories Should I Take?

If you're travelling for more than a few days, you may need to apply a fresh tan, and that means, prepping the skin and removing any old tan, so don’t forget to take you’re Exfoliation & Application Mitts, these are super lightweight so can easily be packed in your luggage. We also have a travel sized Tan Eraser Foam.

Will My Self Tan Leak in My Luggage?

This is unlikely, but some checked baggage can go on quite the adventure, so for peace of mind, before packing your Self Tan, double-check the lid is on tight (especially if you’ve opened the tan already), and even wrap it in a zip-lock or a shopping bag and then place it in your toiletries bag. If you are worried about leakage, you could try taking one of our Gradual or Self Tan Lotions, with a thicker formula and less chance for spills.


Which Tan Is Best for My Holiday?

Though you might have the ride-or-die favourite tan that you feel the most comfortable with no matter the occasion, keep reading below for our handy tips for glowing skin for every type of trip.

Best Tan for A Long Weekend?

For a short trip, you might try tanning before you leave, then take a gradual tan to extend or deepen your glow. Check out our new range of gradual tanning lotions for body with added benefits and our new Gradual Face Tan.

Best Tan for Short Notice?

If it's a last-minute trip and you are short on time, you can try a layer of 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam, which will give you a glow in just one hour (you can pack your suitcase while you marinate!).

Best Tan for a Beach Holiday?

For a golden beachy glow, check out our Liquid Gold Range, paired perfectly with a day at the beach.

Best Tan for an Active Holiday?

For lots of hiking, swimming or skiing, you might want to go with a gradual tanning lotion you can top up any areas that fade away with high levels of activity. Our gradual tan will build up that glow over time and be well maintained.  

Best Tan for A Big Event?

If you’ve got a big event on your holiday (like an anniversary dinner or wedding) you should take our GLO Matte One Day Tan with you. Perfect on its own or over an existing tan, this wash-off formula will provide an instant tan with a bronzed glow and can easily be washed off. Perfect for those worried about their tanning routine while on the move.

Best Tan for Those With Limited Space In Their Bag?

If you’re looking to save on space in your bag, our Starter Bundle contains our travel-sized Self Tan, including 100ML of our original Dark Foam, Gradual Tanning Lotion & Tan Eraser Foam, complete with a mitt. Small but mighty, it's got everything you need to get a gorgeous glow on your travels.

We’re sure to have inspired a gorgeous holiday glow with our Self Tan travel hacks, happy tanning and bon voyage Lovers!

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